Tokyo takes Oscalito to heart

The first Oscalito flagship store has opened its doors in Tokyo
Entirely made in Turin since 1936, the underwear and knitwear brand is being launched in Japan’s capital, with its first monobrand shop in the Far East.

Oscalito’s flagship store in Japan opens at the Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center in Tokyo.  In 1936, Maglificio Po created the underwear and knitwear brand in Turin where it continues to manufacture.

Opened in partnership with Mono Edition Co. Ltd, which supports Italian excellence by approaching the Japanese market and underlining their positioning and look, the Oscalito monobrand shop in Tokyo was opened by Maglificio Po to act as the spearhead for its presence at Barneys Japan since 1993, Isetan, United Arrows, Adam et Ropé and Eishin.

Thanks to this project, stressing the Italian brand’s unique history through language attuned to the Japanese public’s sensitivities, Oscalito aims at strengthening commercial ties on the Japanese market.  Setting up a monobrand shop like the first one at Turin is certain to help raise brand awareness and turnover for all local shops.

“The Tokyo opening – says CEO Dario Casalini, Maglificio Po’s third generation – is a major step towards intensifying commercial ties with the Far East.  Other openings in Japan are planned over the next few months and, following this first step, in other markets in Asia as well, starting with South Korea, where keen interest has already been shown.”

Quality comes first.  The company stays directly on top of every phase of the supply chain; traceability is guaranteed thanks to the RFID technology, which states the origin and processing of every fibre and stage of production.

All Oscalito garments are made of yarns 100% natural in origin, with eco-friendly processing, thanks to sophisticated technology that allows for high performance along with a leisurely production process.

It is thanks to support from “Exclusive Brands Torino” Oscalito has been able to open in Tokyo; this network of companies based in the same region of Italy, manufacture different products while sharing commercial goals and an export mission.

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